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Discover, taste and explore the hidden treasures of downtown Frederick, Maryland, with us. We'll take you on a journey through our historic downtown area, unveiling 6 or more exciting Pearl locations. Our stops are pearl-worthy because they embody the uniqueness of Frederick. Our vibrant present and historic past will unfold simultaneously before you. Stroll the streets at a relaxed pace, experiencing the best Frederick has to offer.

Your tour guides Margo and Karen will introduce you to several business owners who will share their own pearls of wisdom on art, flowers, chocolate, olive oil, cupcakes and interior design. Along the way, count on some surprises! Discover a new perspective and appreciation of Frederick on the Pearls tour.

Join us for this fun-filled 2 hours, where every moment is a gift and hidden gems are around every corner. Wear comfortable clothing, walking shoes and a smile, and enjoy your time with us.

"Where your treasure is, there is also your heart."

- Imprint on the original 1758 five-plate stove located in the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

"Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare."
- J Oswald Sanders

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Karen an i are pinching ourselves.  Is this for real?  Saturdays are brimming with good times.  We enjoy downtown Frederick through our customers' eyes and our first spring tours of the 2013 season are cherished.  Tour goers included a young man, he was a new Frederick resident and his mother from New Jersey.  Another tour group of three included two girlfriends from Silver Spring and Germantown while one girlfriend invited her brother from Mt. Airy to come along.  Also, a group of three girlfriends from New Market with the vitality of toddlers joined the Pearls tour.  Later Karen and i learned that all three were grandmothers!

As mentioned our most recent tour with the jazziest grandmothers ever, all clad in capris and cool oversized sunglassess took off with us at lightening speed from the Visitor Center toward Caroll Creek.  As we reached the Community Bridge headed toward Market Street, swooping swallows circled overhead.  Perhaps this was a sign of more surprises to come.  While strolling on Caroll Creek we saw the lily pads sprinkled with intensely colored purple, pink and white water lilies.  Full sun and a blue cloudless sky made a brilliant appearance.  Even the ducks made noisy show-off landings on the Monet waterscape.  Laughing at the duck dives, we headed north on Market Street stopping to fill goodie bags with Pearl treats at Zoe's  Chocolate and En Masse Flower Market.  We cooled off at the site of the Ginko tree surrounded by lush gardens and later the Viniferous wine shop. 

Meandering up Market Street one of our customer's secret desires was shared with the tour group.  With twinkling eyes and rapid hand drawn movements from invisible holsters, she said, "I always wanted an all guns blazing tattoo in just the right spot"....or words amounting to the same meaning, well you get the picture. We just do not know what happenings the Pearls of Frederick Walking Tour may inspire.

 So reserve your spot soon, see you there, with or without tatts! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blue In Green

On any given day there are always shoppers at, "the Muse" (19 N Market St; Frederick, MD).  I've met the friendliest people milling about in the store looking for a very special handmade treat or a thoughtful gift.  Early one December weekend, to avoid the holiday rush, I parked at a Market Street parking meter to dash into the Muse and to purchase a Christmas gift card for Karen, my sister.  Snow birds flew overhead in a grey sky, the morning air was chilled.  Bundled in a wool winter coat and gloves I still felt a damp cold hit my face as I stepped onto the curb to feed the meter.  A burst of warmth greeted me as I entered the Muse.

.......But a visit to the Muse can never be rushed!  It is an irresistable haven.  If it was a garden, I believe it would be forever green, growing, brimming with all sorts of plant life, herbs and even flowers!  The place breathes of art, creativity and uniqueness.  What seemed to be moments of window gazing amounted to more than 20 minutes of shopping and holiday story exchanges to a fellow customer and Whitney Bingham, the store owner.

How did this happen?  As Whitney was boxing the gift card and tying it with a pearl grey ribbon, she was sharing the artistry of her "non-wrapped" present for her dog sitter/walker.  According to Whitney to avoid having to wrap, she described the most creative way to "non-wrap" the gift .  I'm certain her dog sitter enjoyed the "non-wrapping" as much as the gift!  There was a young woman behind me.  (When did she arrive?)  She nodded as Whitney shared her description of the "non-wrap".  The young woman explained that she returned to purchase more wine glasses for her mother, she was so excited and thankful that the glasses were not sold out!  (Did she say, "mother"?)  My heart hit a BB King blues note.  "Nobody loves me but my mother and she could be jiving too....", BB's guitar was strumming a minor, bent, blue note through my heart.  This was the first Christmas I would not be selecting a gift for my mom since her passing.  My heart sang yet another blue note, perhaps for all that might have been but was not and for all that was but would no longer be.

Blues melted away as the fragrant memory of my mother's love of life, her laughter lingered in the green glow of the Muse.  (Mom is that you?) I smiled feeling warmed by a rush of good memories, especially holiday ones of my mother.  I felt so good, I thought, what is the rush?  Why not sneak a peak at "The Dreaming" in the morning light and meander up Market Street?  So, I left the store with a gift card box for my sister, and headed to L.O.V.E. Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium.

A visit to the Muse must not be rushed!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn Serenade

Karen and I treated ourselves to a late lunch at Ayse. Oh well, we missed one of our favorite waiters but eagerly ordered Saganaki, scallops and the fish and chips lunch special.  Gnoshing on pita bread dipped in olive oil, Karen shared tales and details of her recent Capitol Jazz Super Cruise 4. Thankfully she missed the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. Excitedly she shared how approachable many of the jazz artists were to everyone on board.  Several made a lasting impression upon her. Marcus Johnson  with an MBA and law degree was one of those talented jazz artists she and her husband had the opportunity to meet several times!  During  his performance, Marcus Johnson talked about FLO (For The Love Of)  Wines, a business venture that  expanded within a handful of years from a small Virginia vineyard to the Napa Valley. An aha moment for Marcus was in knowing that he had in his power a choice. A choice to be thankful, for what may seem to be the "smallest "of gifts in the midst of what ever perceived life challenges, disappointments or "woe is me" feelings surfaced. In short he had the choice to focus on what was going well, and to be grateful for the is-ness of life........And so we made a heart felt toast, thankful for this "sister "  moment together on such a warm, Fall afternoon.
Deep in sister talk we did not hear or see Carla and Michelle arrive, sisters we haven't seen since the grand opening of AnnMarie's, Pure Home (interior design and furniture/accessories store), Ayse Meze Lounge's neighbor at Shab Row/Eveready Square. Warm niceties were exchanged. Briefly, we tooted life notes for the past year. We spoke of our traveling dreams, "Paris, yes some time soon, wouldn't we have a ball together?"......... We promised to meet back at AnnMarie's after lunch as we heard that her new room vignettes featuring contemporary and organic designs were a sight to behold.   "Opah", Ayse's hostess and our favorite waitress brought the Saganaki, what's not to love about melted cheese with warm pita from a brick oven?  "Opah", Michelle and Carla ordered this treat as well!

We tumbled into Pure Home from Shab Row/Eveready Square's parking lot entrance with full bellies.  Michelle and Carla were already there. There was a flurry of activity in the shop as another couple entered from the East Street entrance and two sets of sisters were gabbing, ohhhhing ,ahhing and swooping through the store as AnnMarie helped yet another customer.  Kenny, AnnMarie's husband joined the chatter, no one could resist touching and talking about the espresso and cream Tibetan Lamb stool on metal legs.   Enjoying the holiday vibe, Michelle already spotted an ottoman/cocktail table perfect for her living room.  Art work, throws, chairs, pillows, chandeliers and light fixtures were accents with a funky twist! The merchandise seemed to say, "come feast your eyes, window shop."  The chair Karen nick-named the "Missoni Chair" with the soft lavender throw spoke to her. Carla also touched base with Ann Marie on several pieces of interest to her. Where did the time go? As we departed for our car, it was darker, a warm evening breeze swirled yellow, burnt orange and red leaves  about our feet, carriage rides were gearing up on East street.  What a good way to end the first Saturday in November, in downtown Frederick, at Shab Row/Eveready Square, window shopping at Ann Marie's after Ayse's leisurely lunch!l